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How to set up your Amazon Echo

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set up your Amazon Echo

Echo is Amazon’s Alexa-enabled voice-controlled virtual assistant that allows you to control your smarthome devices the way you want. Using this, you can get news updates, enjoy music, check the weather, and do a lot more.

Setting it up can be a pain in the neck for many. If you are also struggling with the same, then our how-to guide can help you set up and run Amazon Echo smart speaker in no time. Let’s get started:

Make arrangements; collect everything you need

To start off the process, you would need an Amazon Echo (quite obvious) along with its power adaptor—since Amazon Echo is not able to run on batteries. Apart from that, you would need a smartphone/tablet for completing the software side of the Echo setup.

Install the Alexa App

All the technical controls of your smartdevice can be effective through Amazon Alexa app. Thus, you need to download and install the app on your smartphone to set up Echo. To download Alexa app, navigate to the App Store compatible with your device for iOS; for Android devices, Google Play Store; and for Fire devices, it is Amazon App Store.

Plug in your Echo

Now as you are done with downloading the software, it’s time to set up the hardware. For this, simply take your Echo speaker and plug it into a power jack. Once done, repeat the same with Echo’s adapter, though you need to insert the other end of the adapter to the power jack on your Amazon Echo Speaker. That’s it! Your Amazon Echo Speaker now has power, well done!

Let your Echo Initialize

Once you’re done with plugging in your Echo, you’ll have to wait for a matter of seconds to let it initialize. You can rush, when your Echo’s light ring turns blue and then orange. The smart device will also greet to make you aware that it’s ready for setup.

Launch Alexa App

Now it’s time to launch the Alexa app that you installed earlier on your smartphone or tablet. Once done, head to the Settings using the icon resting on the top-left of your device’s screen. Next, select Set up a new device option to get started with the Wi-Fi connection process.

Select the Echo device you want to set up

To set up your Amazon Echo, make your device selection. Though this “How-to” is to help you set up your full-size Amazon Echo, you can follow the given instructions to set up the Echo Plus, Amazon Tap, and Echo Dot as well. Once you are done with the selection of your device, pick the language of your choice.

Connect to a Wi-Fi

Commence the connection process by selecting “Connect to Wi-Fi” option. You will be asked to check whether your device is displaying orange ring or not. If not, you need to head towards the “action button” and hold it for five seconds to help your device enter into the setup mode. Now, you need to take yourself out of the Alexa app and get into the settings app.

Once done, hop into Wi-Fi settings and turn on the Wi-Fi, only if it is not enabled already. Now it’s time to select your Echo device from the list appeared of access points. Once your device is connected, hop out of the Settings app and get back to the Alexa app, which will be showing that it’s connected to the Amazon Echo. Hit Continue to proceed further.

Time to connect your device to your home Wi-Fi! Hit Connect by selecting your device from the list appeared to you and entering your Wi-Fi password. Your device may take a few moments to connect, depending on the speed of your home Wi-Fi. Once done, you’ll be taken back to your Amazon Echo’s settings menu listed as being ‘Online’.

Call the little angel by saying the wake word: Alexa

Your Amazon Echo will be, by default, set to activate when you say the wake word, Alexa. You can even change the wake word if you find some other word more convenient than this.

You’re Done!

Congrats, you are done with setting up your Amazon Echo and it is all set to be indulged into your daily life. Enjoy using the smart device, Alexa Echo!

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