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How to Control Your Smart Home with a Single Command using Alexa

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Make your Smart Home work as you fancy with a single command using Alexa.

One of the biggest problems of smart devices till date has to speak multiple commands to get a simple task done. What if you can perform multiple tasks with a single command? Don’t be surprised, Alexa makes it possible. All you need to do is create Alexa Routines on your Echo Device. Without further ado, let’s delve into how to set up Alexa Routines and control multiple smart home devices at once.

Control Your Smart Home with a Single Command using Alexa Routines

  • Start off by launching the Alexa app on your smartphone and tapping the hamburger (menu) button resting at the top-left corner
  • Select Settings > Accounts > Routines
  • Tap the Plus Sign encircled in blue to create a routine
  • Next, trigger a routine by tapping When this happens
  • Set Alexa to trigger the Routine When you say something or At scheduled time


If you select ‘When you say something’, you are free to choose the phrase that you’ll make use of for prompting routine. For Instance, “ Alexa, I am up”. Speaking this will start your routine in no time. Complete the routine creation by tapping on the Save button.


Here we’re explaining the latter one “At scheduled time”


  • Select the time you want a routine to get activated
  • Select at what time you want a particular routine to repeat. You can set it for every day, every weekday, once a week, or weekends only.
  • Confirm the day(s) and time for the routine to get activated, and hit Done
  • Tap the(+) sign to add an action
  • Select the action you want your Alexa to act upon. This can be playing music, reading news, weather, traffic, having Alexa say a phrase or even activating another smart device.
  • Hit Add to finish adding an action ( You can add as many actions as you want to a routine)
  • Finally, select from which speaker the routine will play audio
  • The need to select a speaker if you opt for a scheduled routine. For the routine created based on a phrase, it can be specified by you that you wish the phrase to play audio from whichever speaker you speak to.
  • Tap Create to finish creating a routine

That’s all! From this time forth, you can control your smart home devices the way you want using Alexa Routines.

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