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How to Connect Amazon Alexa with SmartThings

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connect Amazon Alexa with SmartThings

Amazon Alexa Smart devices, including Amazon Echo, Amazon Tap and Echo Dot can easily be connected with SmartThings to help you control your smarthome by giving voice commands.

With SmartThings, Alexa can control a plethora of smart devices like light bulbs, dimmer switches, on/off switches, thermostats, routines configured and locks.

Important: Taking your smart home’s security into account, Alexa is not able to unlock locks and will support Routines only with switch, lighting and, thermostat devices.
To get started with the process of connecting your Alexa with SmartThings, follow the steps given below:

  • Create your account on SmartThings app by downloading it from Google Play Store or App Store.
  • Next, set up your Alexa device
  • Download and install the Amazon Alexa app
  • Launch the app and the head to the hamburger button in the top left
  • Tap Smart Home > Smart Home Skills > Enable Skills
  • Next, fill the search field by entering SmartThings
  • Select Samsung Connect/ SmartThings, and then enable it
  • Tap Next by entering your SmartThings email address in the address bar
  • Choose either Samsung or SmartThings Account

Note: SmartThings account can be selected only if you’ve signed up for SmartThings prior to 2017 May.

  • Now enter your credentials (password) and tap Sign in
  • Next comes choosing your SmartThings location by heading towards menu
  • Once done, tap Authorize
  • Finally, tap x to complete the process and start device discovery


How to discover devices with Amazon Alexa

The above guide provides you a detailed explanation on how to permit your Amazon Alexa to access SmartThings devices and Routines. Next your Alexa needs to do is locate or discover the devices and routines. To do so, follow the steps below:

  • Once you’re done with closing the success message by following the above how-to guide, the Alexa app will automatically direct you to discover devices.
  • Bonus tip: This process will also help you discover your routines
  • To do so, tap Discover devices and wait for a while to let the device discovery finish

In case your Alexa does not start the discovering process:

  • Navigate to hamburger button (menu)
  • Tap Smart Home > Devices > Discover

As soon as the discover finishes its process, all the discovered devices and routines will appear in the form of a list in the Smart Home section under Devices option.

That’s it! You can now use your Alexa’s voice control for your SmartThings devices.

In case the feature is not appealing you, you can disconnect the connection of Amazon Alexa and SmartThings. Read on:

How to Disconnect SmartThings from your Amazon Alexa

For disconnecting in the SmartThings app:

  • Launch the app and tap Autiomations
  • Next, tap SmartApps > Amazon Alexa
  • Hit Uninstall > Remove
  • The app will ask you to confirm removal. Give confirmation to complete the process

For disconnecting in the Amazon Alexa app:

  • Launch the app and head to the hamburger button (menu) in the top left
  • Tap Smart Home > Smart Home Skills
  • Next, choose Disable for Samsung Connect/ SmartThings
  • Confirm removal by tapping Disable Skill option



By uninstalling your Amazon Alexa from SmartThings app, you will also lose connection between Alexa and SmartThings. Moreover, your Alexa device will not be able to accept and follow voice commands for SmartThings Routines and devices.

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