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Fix: Common Amazon Echo Problems

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Amazon Echo Problems

Amazon Echo products are undoubtedly impressive to do your everyday tasks as well as to converse with your technology. Even without jumping out of your couch, you can turn on/off your lights, or perform a lot other tasks by saying a simple command.

Although the smart device is amazing to follow your instructions, you may experience some issues while using your Echo. This post covers the most common Echo problems and their fixes that you may be struggling with. Let’s walk through the Amazon Echo’s common issues and how to fix them.

Alexa does not understand you

It’s really an apprehension when you say Alexa to do some work and it responds as, “I’m sorry, I don’t understand the question”. No matter how hard you are trying to explain, sometimes Alexa is not getting you. If you feel that the issue is happening more than usual, then calibrate your voice using voice training tool.

To do this, launch Alexa app and select Settings > Voice Training.

You will now be asked to loudly speak out nearly 25 phrases so that Alexa can better recognize your tone and voice.

Even after following the above process, if the problem still persists then you need to check what your Alexa really thought what you said. You can check the record of all your voice commands in the app to know what and when Alexa doesn’t understand.

To do this, launch Alexa app and head to settings. To check the list of all your previous interactions with Alexa, select History. Unfortunately, you are not allowed to recover distorted words, but you can spot what and when Alexa is facing trouble understanding your commands.

Try this tip, else next time if you ask Alexa to start playing music, she starts turning lights on/off instead.

Amazon Echo Wi-Fi network always disconnecting

A number of users face this problem while using Echo and setting up Wi-Fi connection. Are you one of those? If yes, here’s the fix.

To make your Echo work properly and remain connected to Wi-Fi, you’re advised to restart all your devices related to the Wi-Fi network.

If the problem still persists, then try placing the router close to your Amazon Echo as there may be some interference within your house which may be preventing the Wi-Fi signal from contacting your Echo speaker.

Amazon Alexa is not connecting to your Bluetooth device

Amazon Echo supports A2DP SNK and AVRCP, so make sure the Bluetooth device you are trying to connect to is compatible with the same. Next, you need to check whether your Bluetooth Device’s battery is at its fullest.

Still not connecting? Try un-paring and re-paring your Bluetooth device. To do so, launch Alexa app and navigate to Settings.  Next, select your Echo device > Bluetooth > hit Clear all paired devices.

For re-paring all the devices, speak Pair in the region of Alexa for placing the Amazon Echo in discovery mode. To complete the process, walk to the Bluetooth Settings on your app or device to pair normally. Doing so will show Alexa’s connection confirmation.

How to reset and start your Echo

If all your efforts of troubleshooting your Amazon Echo speaker problem are in vein, then it’s better to hard reset your Echo. Users having Amazon Echo’s old model can find the button for hard reset at the bottom of their Echo’s speaker base. Or, if your Amazon Echo belongs to second generation, then simultaneously pressing the volume down button and mic button will work for you. Press the buttons till the lights of your Echo turns orange. Once done, the lights of your Echo will automatically turn blue in a matter of seconds.

After completing the resetting process for your Amazon Echo, navigate to the Amazon Echo Help Center for again setting up your Amazon Echo if you are not known to the process.

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