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17 May
Amazon Fire TV Cube
Amazon Fire TV Cube: A Brief Sneak Peek

Finally, it’s official! Amazon is all set to launch its new Alexa-enabled device, Fire TV Cube; a new name to be added to the list of Fire TV range by the retail giant. Fire TV Cube is a set-top box which will run on Amazon’s popular virtual assistant, Alexa. The company confirmed its upcoming launch...

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10 May
Amazon Echo Spot vs Echo Show
Amazon Echo Spot vs Echo Show: What’s the Difference?

Amazon Echo Spot and Echo Show are smart speakers that bring you everything you love about Alexa. Both the Echo Show and the Echo Spot hosts smart screens that provide contextual information, at the same time you make commands for media playback and video calls.  Let’s delve into deep and know both the smart devices...

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02 May
connect Amazon Alexa with SmartThings
How to Connect Amazon Alexa with SmartThings

Amazon Alexa Smart devices, including Amazon Echo, Amazon Tap and Echo Dot can easily be connected with SmartThings to help you control your smarthome by giving voice commands. With SmartThings, Alexa can control a plethora of smart devices like light bulbs, dimmer switches, on/off switches, thermostats, routines configured and locks. Important: Taking your smart home’s...

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25 Apr
How to Control Your Smart Home with a Single Command using Alexa

Make your Smart Home work as you fancy with a single command using Alexa. One of the biggest problems of smart devices till date has to speak multiple commands to get a simple task done. What if you can perform multiple tasks with a single command? Don’t be surprised, Alexa makes it possible. All you...

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25 Apr
Amazon Echo vs Echo 2: The Whole Nine Yards

Amazon Echo is one of the most popular smart devices available today, providing users the ability to perform everyday tasks by commanding Alexa. Although the smart device is surpassing its rivals like Apple and Google, it couldn’t be fearless. Some time back the tech giant has introduced the new and improved version of Amazon Echo...

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20 Apr
Amazon Echo Problems
Fix: Common Amazon Echo Problems

Amazon Echo products are undoubtedly impressive to do your everyday tasks as well as to converse with your technology. Even without jumping out of your couch, you can turn on/off your lights, or perform a lot other tasks by saying a simple command. Although the smart device is amazing to follow your instructions, you may...

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20 Apr
Amazon Echo Not Responding? Here’s the Fix

One of the most revolutionary and useful smart home gadgets, the Alexa-enabled Amazon Echo offers you umpteen of features to make your life much easier. Ironically, its hi-end technology forms the basis of various queries related to the smart speakers that users ask from time to time. One of the most annoying issues that users...

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20 Apr
set up your Amazon Echo
How to set up your Amazon Echo

Echo is Amazon’s Alexa-enabled voice-controlled virtual assistant that allows you to control your smarthome devices the way you want. Using this, you can get news updates, enjoy music, check the weather, and do a lot more. Setting it up can be a pain in the neck for many. If you are also struggling with the...

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