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Amazon Fire TV Cube: A Brief Sneak Peek

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Finally, it’s official! Amazon is all set to launch its new Alexa-enabled device, Fire TV Cube; a new name to be added to the list of Fire TV range by the retail giant.

Fire TV Cube is a set-top box which will run on Amazon’s popular virtual assistant, Alexa. The company confirmed its upcoming launch on its official site, but with a little frugality. The only thing confirmed yet is the name and existence of the device. No specs or release date is available for now. However, with the help of a leak from last year, experts have been successful in guessing what Fire TV Cube will be like.

Amazon Fire TV Cube: Specs and Features

According to last year reports, Fire TV Cube is going to be a hybrid of Amazon’s Alexa-enabled Echo Speaker and Fire TV. It’s being expected that this cube-shaped set-top box will support 4K HDR video at 60fps. It will boast the same far-field mics, LED bar, and speaker as the popular Echo and Echo Dot. The buttons on top will be similar to Amazon Echo speakers. Besides, it will support voice integration the same way as the existing Amazon Fire TVs do.

Talking about the sound quality, Fire TV Cube may perform like a TV speaker rather than an overvalued TV remote. And with so many smart speakers already hitting the tech market, it’s mandatory that Amazon keeps bringing a competitive range to the front every now and then.

Considering Fire TV Cube speaker system, this flagship device by Amazon is expected to have the ability to link multiple devices to make it a comprehensive system, a feature that Apple is trying to include into its HomePod. Since Amazon has much in its fold (as the Echo lineup); the company may use this technology to surpass Apple’s HomePod.

As for its ability to act as a smart home hub; Amazon Fire TV Cube is likely to own IR and also, expectedly, Zigbee so that it can control your smart home the way Echo lineup does.

Since the Cube is dedicated to Amazon’s virtual assistant, Alexa, there is a lot to expect. As per the report, this Amazon device will provide users with an ability to control playback, along with the well-known Fire TV functionality that allows users to look for a show on the TV by name, genre, and other categories.

Amazon Fire TV Cube: Release Date and Cost

Amazon has not yet confirmed any release date for the upcoming Fire TV Cube device. Looking at expert predictions, we can expect its release to fall either in late 2018 or early 2019. Besides, the price of the product is also not confirmed yet. The only thing that’s certain is that Amazon is sure to unveil this device as the company has confirmed its existence on its official website.

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