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Amazon Echo vs Echo 2: The Whole Nine Yards

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Amazon Echo is one of the most popular smart devices available today, providing users the ability to perform everyday tasks by commanding Alexa. Although the smart device is surpassing its rivals like Apple and Google, it couldn’t be fearless. Some time back the tech giant has introduced the new and improved version of Amazon Echo that is Echo 2. In this post, we’ve covered all about Echo and Echo 2 to make you aware regarding which one to choose when it comes to sound, design, specifications, and most importantly pricing. Let’s walk through the comparison statement of Echo Gen 1 and Echo Gen 2.

Echo vs Echo 2: Design Comparison

In terms of design where Echo comes wrapped in a tall cylinder, the Echo 2 landed in a smaller package as well as with different body features. The main emphasis of the original Echo was its simplicity. It hosts two buttons on the top, a ring around its edge for controlling the volume, and a pinhole mic.

On the contrary, the Echo Gen 2 encased in six different variations. Where three designs are grabbing the attention of users with stylish cloth covers, other three are attracting users’ eyeballs with the wooden sleek finish.

Echo vs Echo 2: Sound Comparison                

The original Echo amazed users when it comes to sound quality, but not extremely. It offers sound quality that perhaps is more than adequate for many, but for audiophiles, it is not the top choice. Considering Echo 2, it takes the sound quality to the next level as it is powered by Dolby speaker technology. However, both Echo smart devices support 2.5-inch woofers to blast music with a full bass sound.

Echo vs Echo 2: Specifications

As far as the hardware is concerned, Amazon Echo 2 landed with some upgrades. According to Amazon, the Echo 2 packs an all-new speaker architecture, Dolby Processor to boot, and 2.5-inch Woofer. All these integrations will perhaps help in delivering dynamic bass as well as crisp vocals all over a room.

Apart from that, the 2nd generation of Amazon’s far-field audio capture technology has also been introduced by the smart device maker, which helps you enjoy better readability of the wake work, i.e. Alexa.

Echo vs Echo 2: Connectivity

In terms of usefulness and connectivity, the original Amazon Echo enabled users to execute an array of tasks with ease, whether it is requesting Alexa for showing the outdoor security camera view or asking it to launch songs or movies by saying simple commands. Also, Echo Gen 1 was capable enough in terms of compatibility with various smart home devices. On the other hand, Echo Gen 2 has stepped up with the introduction of “far-field voice recognition”, letting Echo 2 microphones listen to your commands from far-off and even in noisy rooms.

For connecting Alexa to other smart devices, the original Echo was totally reliant on other smart hubs, but this is not the case with the Amazon Echo 2.

Echo vs Echo 2: Price

When the Echo made its entrance in 2014, it was costing $180. But as there is advancement in technology and people get familiar with the things, the Echo 2 entered with some relaxation costing you $100.

If you want to spend less than $100, then you can go with the refurbished versions of the original Amazon Echo. The refurbished version will cost you $90.


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