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Amazon Echo Spot vs Echo Show: What’s the Difference?

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Amazon Echo Spot vs Echo Show

Amazon Echo Spot and Echo Show are smart speakers that bring you everything you love about Alexa. Both the Echo Show and the Echo Spot hosts smart screens that provide contextual information, at the same time you make commands for media playback and video calls.  Let’s delve into deep and know both the smart devices to help you work out which one best fits your needs.

Echo Spot vs Echo Show: Design Comparison

Landed with a compact and all-new stylish design, the Echo Spot hosts 2.5-inch circular screen that allows you to watch video flash briefings, check weather forecasts, see music lyrics, listen to audible audio books, and do much more. Compared to other Alexa devices, Spot boasts most attractive design. It weighs 450g and can be easily placed on your bedside slab.

Available in black and white variants, the Echo Spot is beautified with three buttons that helps you control volume and disable microphone/camera according to your needs.

On the contrary, the Echo Show smart device has mixed opinion in respect of design. The boxy look of the device resembles an elderly CRT TV which comes with a thick speaker at the bottom. The Alexa-enabled device is also available in two color variants that are white and black. Like Spot, it too features three buttons to enable or disable camera/microphone as well as to control volume. The Echo Show features 7-inches screen with 1024×600 resolutions.

Echo Spot vs Echo Show: Specs Comparison

We’ve make you known about the design, but what about the specifications? Well, let’s check out. Echo Spot is powered by a 3.5mm jack to hook up users with the powerful speaker, but unfortunately there is no jack in Echo Show.

In terms of audio system, the Echo Show is better as it boasts 2.0-inch stereo speakers which are much bigger compared to Echo Spot’s 1.4-inch speakers.

In terms of microphones, Amazon Echo Spot has far-field voice control and offers a plethora of features as Amazon Echo. It comprises four microphones, enhanced noise cancellations and beam forming technology to take your Alexa experience to the next level. However, the Echo Show comes with eight microphones.

Both the devices support Bluetooth connectivity, thus you can listen to audios using your smartphone also. The major difference which can be judged by anyone between both the devices at the first glance is there screen size. The Echo Show comes with a wider screen compared to Echo Spot.

Echo Spot vs Echo Show: Features

The Echo Spot is capable of performing every task that the Echo Show can perform. Like other Echo devices, the tiny-circular device can display weather, media playback graphical representation, to-do-lists, calendar alerts and even can display a live feed from baby monitors or security cameras.

Both Echo Spot and Echo Show are supporting playing videos from Amazon Prime Video. However, if you want to buy Amazon smart device to enjoy videos, then Echo Show is perhaps the better choice as 7-inch display will surely be far more competent than Echo Spot’s 2.5-inch display in respect of watching videos.

In terms of making calls, both Alexa devices can make video calls as well as allows you to make instant video calls with the help of drop-in feature.

Echo Spot vs Echo Show: Price

In terms of cost, Echo Show is the most expensive Alexa device currently available. Where Echo Spot costs £119.99/$129.99, the Echo Show can be purchased for £199.99/£229.99.

If you are seeking a small yet smart alarm clock with a plethora of other exotic features like connectivity with external speakers and video calling, the Echo Spot offers the best value.

However, if you want to stick with a media-centric Amazon Smart Device with better speaker and larger display, spending penny on the Echo Show would be a better option.

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