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Amazon Echo Not Responding? Here’s the Fix

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One of the most revolutionary and useful smart home gadgets, the Alexa-enabled Amazon Echo offers you umpteen of features to make your life much easier. Ironically, its hi-end technology forms the basis of various queries related to the smart speakers that users ask from time to time. One of the most annoying issues that users frequently report may also sound familiar to you: Amazon Echo not responding. Terrifying, isn’t it? But it’s easy to tackle. How to do so? Let’s try a few easy tricks to get you out of this Echo problem.

  1. Light Ring should not be Red

Amazon Echo speakers have a light ring atop that’s designed to indicate a number of things. Let’s discover what each light ring color indicates:

  • Orange: When the Echo device is connecting to a wireless network
  • Spinning Cyan and Royal Blue: When your Echo device hears the wake word
  • Violet: When the WiFi setup encounters an issue
  • White: When the user is customizing the volume of the device
  • Red: When the mute switch atop the Echo device is activated

Make sure that the light ring of your Echo device is not Red as it activates the mute switch, which blocks your commands for your virtual assistant and makes it unresponsive to you in turn.

  1. Find an Ideal Location

Another possible reason why your Echo device is not responding to you can be due to the interference caused by walls or other obstacles. Amazon Echo support suggests that the perfect location for the device is at least 8 inches away from walls and other appliances like a microwave oven and baby monitor. Furthermore, your smart device should be in an elevated position such as on a table.

Apart from this, the Amazon Echo owner must also ensure that the commands he/she gives to the assistant get accompanied by little ambient noise in the room. Therefore, position it as far away as possible from any noisy component such as air conditioning units.

  1. Use the Voice Training Tool

Amazon Echo sports a tool that enables Alexa better understand you. Called the Voice Training tool, it can be accessed by navigating to the Settings menu of the Alexa mobile app. Once you launch the tool, you’ll be asked to read aloud 25 phrases, helping your virtual assistant to comprehend your tone, accents, and voice textures in a better way.

Additionally, you can also view the history of the commands that Alexa has heard so far to know about the words that the assistant could not understand. You can then try to speak these words more clearly so that the Echo properly picks them up this time.

  1. LED/Microphone Board Replacement

In case none of the above fixes work for you, then it must be the hardware that’s faulty. It is perhaps the microphone array of the Echo device which is malfunctioning. In this case, we recommend you to fetch a replacement of the LED/Microphone board of your smart speaker. You can do so either by yourself or by contacting Alexa’s Support team.


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